European Food Supplier was established in 2009 and is one of the largest direct exporters, importers and distributors of food products in Poland. With branches in Warsaw and Cracow, we cover the whole European Union. EFS also have buying agents around the world . We are a privately owned company with a successful long-term record in the food supply industry.


We are specialised in food export / import for the meat industries, wholesalers and supermarkets.

Our company has become a major exporter of poultry, pork and beef products. We sell a wide range of meat products such as fresh frozen or chilled chicken, duck, geese, pork, lamb, mutton and beef, with all kind of cuts and offals.

Our worldwide network enables us through direct customer contact to have an in depth knowledge and understanding of the needs and expectations of a wide ranging export market. You have found the right partner to fulfil all of your requirements.

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